Depression And Love

Does Depression Destroy Love Relationships


Many people suffer from this serious illness, which affects every part of their being and can also affect their relationships.

Depresion and LoveMany of those who struggle with depression have serious problems in their love relationships. These problems typically stem from the other person not fully understanding what is going on. One of the many mistakes that someone else makes is that they believe that they are the cause of the depression. In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Depression is a very serious medical and mental health issue and rarely is it the cause of the other person. That said, if a person has suffered from it for any amount of time over a week or so, it’s wise to seek medical advice.

It’s easy to try and blame another person for how one feels but it’s important to note that rarely is someone else at fault.

True happiness lies within oneself, not others. While it’s not uncommon to not like what someone is doing, depression goes beyond that and can leave the entire relationship in a funk.

Depressed people don’t want to interact in any way, shape or form. This can be very disconcerting to someone who loves them and thinks that maybe they have done something wrong. Once the fact that the issue is depression is identified, it can then be addressed and treated. However, until it’s identified, it can destroy love relationships.

As a relationship progresses it’s normal to have an ebb and flow of closeness. However, with depression, this ebb and flow can be much more pronounced and cause a lot of discontent.

Happiness While Loving

It’s important to note that there are many ways to treat depression and most of these will resolve the issue and help to restore the relationship. However, without intervention, many of these relationships are doomed and won’t last.

If you or someone you love appears to be depressed frequently, check with your doctor and see if there is any underlying cause. While it’s normal for everyone to be down now and again, frequent depression that lasts for days or weeks is not normal and should be evaluated as soon as possible.

Depression is an illness and may well destroy a love relationship but if the couple is committed and can talk it through and identify the cause of the illness, the relationship may be stronger than ever.