Bad Love Habits

Detoxifying Your Bad Love Habits Now

Many of us go from relationship to relationship, meeting new people and just letting life happen to us, but not being a part of it. The truth is, we’re simply going through the motions. It’s time to take your life back and detoxify your bad love habits, now.

Reclaim Your Joy

Instead of letting relationships simply happen, work on the relationship and focus on being a part of it. Find joy in the little things in life and focus on what makes you happy each and every day.

Joy In Love

If you’re stumped on what makes you happy, do a real serious self-inventory and focus on results of your self-inventory. You’ll be amazed at how much easier this is.

Let Go Of The Past

Let your past be in the past, right, where it belongs. Don’t bring it into your present, it’s history and it’s time to pack it up and leave it. Toxic relationships from your past should be relegated to the trash bin.

Dragging the past around with you is cumbersome and self-defeating. It can destroy your new relationship and you’re going to have a hard time juggling happiness and the pain of the past. Dump it off quickly and get back on the bandwagon.

Change Preconceived Expectations

Forget what you think things should be and fairy tale romance books. Instead of telling yourself how things should be, let them be what they are and change how you preconceive them.

You’ll be amazed at how freeing this one tip is. Many people get stuck thinking that a relationship should be something specific when in fact each and every relationship is very different. So, let go of how you think things should be and let them flow naturally. You’ll detoxify your relationship much more quickly.

Receive True Love

Allow yourself to be loved. Everyone loves differently. Focus on how your partner loves you and not how you think they should love you.

It’s much healthier to allow yourself to be loved than it is to expect things to be done a specific way. You can’t receive true love when you’re stuck in the past or imagining how love should be. So let it go and allow yourself to be loved.

Be Aware

Be aware of what is going on around you and focus on the here and now, not the past, not the future, the here and now.

Remind Yourself You’re Worthy of True Love

You’ll be amazed at how much healthier and happier your relationship will be when you follow these detoxifying tips.